BRENDING conducts artists towards the market and shows the market what it can do with arts.

Through consulting, representation, management and production, BRENDING supports artists and cultural organisations in projects that are artisticly correct and financially viable.

BRENDING quantifies and qualifies the value of creativity, building bridges between the arts, media, politics and business - with an emphasis on a marketing model which we call A2B2C (Arts to Business to Consumer)


Building Business - How to become a professional organisation

The BRENDING consulting session “Building Business” is a sequel to “Composing Work” and is aimed at developing the basis for a professional business plan with:

  1. Your company profile
  2. The market and your competitors
  3. Strategic vision, mission and goals
  4. Description of services and products
  5. Development process
  6. Operational plan
  7. Marketing plan
  8. Management structure
  9. Financial plan
A business plan is a working document and always needs updating, but it’s the ideal starting point to contact potential investors and partners for your future projects.

Building business is a learning curve. The earlier you start, the more you'll grow.

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