BRENDING conducts artists towards the market and shows the market what it can do with arts.

Through consulting, representation, management and production, BRENDING supports artists and cultural organisations in projects that are artisticly correct and financially viable.

BRENDING quantifies and qualifies the value of creativity, building bridges between the arts, media, politics and business - with an emphasis on a marketing model which we call A2B2C (Arts to Business to Consumer)


CSR and sponsorship

Sponsorship is a form of partnership in which an artist provides your company with creative input for which you repay them with services, goods or cash.

If you like old-fashioned - ask for some publicity before and during the event.
If you prefer up-to-date - make sure to explain your mission and values and trust the artist to come up with some creative alternatives to the above.
If you are innovative - start a partnership with the core players of one of the worlds fastest growing industries: there is synergy in the combination of structure and creativity.

Artists are born entertainers, they think out of the box and have the gift of giving people unforgettable moments. Surely, your clients and employees would be happy with that. See sponsorship as a way to support an artist who supports your employees who help your company provide your clients with excellent service so they become the promoters of your activities. 

What the artists want in return? JUST ASK US

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