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Turning straw into gold

Syrious Mission - day 2

Amman is busy. It reminds me of London, but with more sun, dust and friendly strangers. So far the only thing that I seem to have trouble with are the cars with exhaust pipes that sound like gun fire and the their fumes, which sent me choking whilst walking (!) along the motorway this morning. No further complaints. Au contraire!

Today I went back to Marka and worked with two bunches of refugee children - a mix of Syrians and Palestinians. Not that I notice any difference so far. They are a charming lot with a very diverse attitude, as you might see in this little video that I made this afternoon: Syrious Mission Kids (youtube)

The video was shot at the end of the second workshop today. As mentioned in my blog yesterday, we had a famous guest: Hasan Milawi, finalist of Arabs Got Talent! His musical talent got him to the final round of this very popular show, but I believe his brilliant invention certainly also has something to do with it. Check it out here! If music is mankind’s most valuable asset, than Hasan is an alchemist.

He also introduced us all to some traditional middle-eastern instruments and taught the young eager eyes and ears (including mine) how to sing a Jordan traditional song called: Redaha Redaha. Something about love for the country and a woman, if I remember correctly…

I liked it so much that we used it as the basis for some (break) dance moves, rhythmic games and conducting principles. Four little soloists even rose from their chairs to show off their vocal chords. Super Sweet!

Finally we had quite a lot of fun with the international silence competition… Is it possible not to make any noise for 10 seconds? It proved quite hard, but amazingly this little trick got the children to really feel responsible for each other. I wish the grown-ups would do the same sometimes…

On a completely different note, I’ve become a fan of headscarves. The way the girls and ladies wear them here in Jordan turns those cloths into magnificent fashion accessories. On my way back into the city centre I even got a little jealous of the people wearing a burka, but that is because I suspect this garment to work miracles when it comes to filtering polluted traffic air. And another note: Roza our coordinator got a free sandwich from the baker who wanted demonstrate that not all muslims are terrorists. Moving and true.

Anyway, I'm very much looking forward to tomorrow with two workshops in two different locations. I hope that my fellow music tutors are having such a splendid time as well! Actually, I know, but you’d better read it in their own blogs, although they might be in Dutch, such as the one by Merlijn Twaalfhoven with some stunning pictures!


Brendan in Jordan

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