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Happy with so little

Syrious Mission - Day 1


After one whole hour of sleep in a real bed in the home of our wonderful host Roza, we set off to meet the volunteers and local tutors of Syrious Mission. The journey to Marka was an overdose of input for my sleepy brain. There is so much traffic in Amman that it’s hard to believe that it moves forward. I suspect the cars are driven on horn power. The more you honk your horn, the faster your car / bus seems to go. Anyhow, as I wasn’t driving, I shan’t bother you with my thoughts on seatbelts. We got there safely.

Where is there? I think it was called Marka, but I might be wrong. I don’t seem to be able to find it on google and my Arab is almost non-existent. Allow me some time to improve my accuracy… and sleep. No wait, this is it!

Upon arrival my mind jumped into overdrive again. What we found was a group of superbly talented volunteers and a bunch of very eager boys and incredibly shy girls. Our group of musicians had decided to each work with a volunteer and find out what we could get the kids to do. We did not know from each other what was planned and I don't think that a lot went as planned. At least it didn’t in my case. But we had so much fun together. 

The kids sang along, clapped, stamped, copied the rather strange foreign sounds I was producing, stroked/plucked/tapped/felt the cello with up to about 9 at a time. But they also got the chance to conduct – to experience what it is like when everybody does what you show them to do. And they learned to listen to each other. It was beyond any expectation I had for the first few hours of our Syrious Mission! 

Tomorrow, I’m going back to the same location and will be joined by a local professional, who I just met in a local restaurant, having local humus, installing – with a lot of help from our waiter friends – local simcards and really trying to pronounce some of the sounds they make. Arab is beautiful, but a bit abstract still for my ears. I drifted off… pardon me. The local musician I’m working with is one of the finalists of Jordan’s got Talent! 

Good night!

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really beyond expectations, it seems to me there is space given by the surroundings and in the brains, thanks a lot for the reports!


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