Dear music lovers,

Yours truly has started to call himself a classical music mutineer. The past months have been rather rebellious. Why? Besides my regular rant about the independency of the arts, I have announced that classical music is dead. 

A good old classical concert in a magnificent concert hall with beautiful acoustics and great artists is lovely. But so much more is possible! That's why I was honoured to give a keynote at Classical:Next, an international conference in Vienna connecting innovators and major players in the classical music world. I talked about initiatives of young entrepreneurs finding audiences that are described as generation Y. 

Of course, classical music will live on forever. Like a phoenix it is reborn and regenerated, but in doing so it sheds its feathers. I am pleased to see music performed by young(-minded) artists in a different setting without stuffy etiquette. Those who read the previous newsletters will have come across some of them: Rheingold on the Rhine, Entree Late Night Cafe, Gabriel Prokofiev, Ynight and the Classical Music Rave

The next edition of the rave will for example take place on the former pirate radio broadcast ship VERONICA in Amsterdam. Dj's and top artists will get audiences on their feet and dancing to classical music. Have you ever tried it? It's a fantastic experience, especially at a party amongst friends! 

I'm also pleased to see that many more artists are taking similar initiatives, such as the cultural collective PUBLIC. Although I'm critical about the business model behind it (and wrote about it in the newspaper) they have gathered a clan of experts to point out new arts projects and attract audiences. There is so much happening in Amsterdam and it continues to nurture new ideas which are also flying out internationally. With some luck, we'll all be dancing to classical music on a beach soon, in Rio di Janeiro!

The press is catching up on this (r)evolution and let us hope that the established arts scene does so too! 

Enough for this rant. I hope to see or hear you all soon. 

Raving regards,

Brendan Jan Walsh


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Ever wanted to see to grown men dance like prostitutes to classical music behind their DJ decks? Shake it with DJ's MENGEL&BERG


27 June 2014


22 August 2014

CLASSICAL MUSIC RAVE - Grachtenfestival edition


It was fun to help PIRANHA MUSIC dating with companies!

& Co

Artists for the next RAVE are: ALMA QUARTET andJORGE JIMENEZ



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