Dear friend, music lover,

I simply cannot keep this news from you, even if you live far away:

On Friday 11 April 2014 from 22h30 till dawn a Classical Music Rave will take place in the centre of Amsterdam: dancing all night in an industrial setting with booming sound and stunning lights… to classical music! 

An impressive set of international artists will be treating us to their snazziest sounds so we may go bananas on the dance floor. If the names Patrice Bäumel, Daria van den Bercken, Etienne Abelin, Nwando Ebizie, Marinus Komst… don’t mean anything to you then it’s time you look them up! 

I’m also very proud that we have managed to seduce the stunning Muziekgebouw aan’t IJ to let us transform their loading dock - basically a big garage - into the scene for a very fine rave with (indie) classical music. 

Would you care to join us? Tickets are €12,50 and are available online at https://classicalmusicrave.entranz.nlFor an extra 10 euro you can get a combi-ticket which also gives you access to the cutting-edge concert of the Knalpot + Klang that precedes the rave in the concert hall of the Muziekgebouw. 

With gravy greetings,

Brendan Walsh

NB: You can find more information on


BRENDING is advising TIP Amsterdam Noord on their International Marketing Development. 


Some fascinating artists I will be interviewing for the HOLLAND FESTIVAL are: 


Three words: 





We had great fun matching Arts to Business and Consumers with Piranha Music in Berlin. 

& Co

A big thank you in advance to all 40 volunteers of the rave!


At the end of April, I will lead a team of musicians to Jordan to give music workshops to Syrian refugee kids. Check out Syrious Mission!


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