Dear music-minded miracles, 

In November 2013, I went on a 5-day 'Syrious Mission' in Jordan giving music workshops to refugee children. What I saw there has deeply moved me and I simply must share it with you. 

A team of 5 European musicians provided what Unicef calls 'emotional' aid: giving the children the courage to look each other in the eye, to trust, to share, to lead, to follow, to accept the past, to enjoy the present and to believe in a future. 

Every day I wrote a short blog about my impressions, with some photos and the occasional video. You can read them here:

I have been in the exceptional position of experiencing the direct effect of music on those refugee children. It makes such a huge difference that I want to - EXCEPTIONALLY - ask you to be a part of this fantastic project and support us to develop a structure that provides the kids with regular music lessons by local artists, besides the workshops by the Syrious Missionaries such as myself.

It was a lifetime in a week. I hope to raise awareness and money so we can bring hope, more, and more often.

Thank you truly for your help.

Brendan Jan Walsh


If you cannot make it to one of our charity concerts, you can make it anywhere… with a donation! I am collecting funds for my Syrious Mission. So please help me supply more musical and therefore emotional ‘aid’ to Syrian refugees in Jordan with your kind donation*.

*TO DONATE: please transfer any amount to

Stichting La Vie sur Terre
Reference: Syrious Mission - Brendan Walsh

For the sake of transparency: The funds donated go towards the training of local young artists who join us for the missions and continue the workshops on a weekly basis when the international team has left. Every team member also organises his own charity events to raise awareness as well as funds to cover their own transport and accommodation. Syrious Mission currently operates under the auspices of Stichting ‘La Vie sur Terre’ but will soon become a separate entity.

If you want to do a quick and easy donation, then you can by one or more support tickets for our previous charity concert towards Mission 9 via the DEDICATED ticket service ENTRANZ.





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