Hello beautiful minds!

It’s been a while since the latest update on BRENDING but it does not mean that nothing has happened... On the contrary! To keep it brief: instead of writing other people’s business plans and strategies, I have decided to develop my own creative projects.

The focus is on indie-classical: it’s all about classical music that adventurously merges with other music genres and art forms. The philosophy behind it is one of contact, moving towards the audience, engaging with new audiences (mainly generation Y) in venues that are not considered classical.

My passion for indie-classical becomes apparent in some of my new projects, some of which I would like to point out to you. 

  • Syrious Mission: Together with composer Merlijn Twaalfhoven and 3 other artists, I am travelling to the Syrian border with Jordan 23-29 November. We are travelling there to give music workshops to refugee children. This way we give them a chance to share their story amongst themselves and to the outside world. UNICEF told us that the emotional distress is as pressing as the physical distress. They believe that music can play an important part, except their organisation does not know how. More info on www.syriousmission.org
  • Mengel & Berg: Together with my mate Arthur Gumbs, I formed the classical music deejay duo ‘Mengel & Berg’. We think it's pretty sexy to dance to classical music. Our friends Bach, Mozart, Brahms, Mahler, Stravinsky, Prokofiev and many other musical geniuses are not dead. On the contrary, they get us all shaking that ***. In the not too distant future, I shall gently release a few tracks of classical music merged with more popular genres. For now, we stick predominantly to classical and send you one of our favorite tracks every day if you like or even share our facebook fanpagemengelandberg
  • Classical Music Rave: There will be a new edition of the classical music rave in February 2014. Location and exact date to be determined, but it will be in the Netherlands.
  • 24Classics: Curious about what I call indie-classical music? Then listen to my playlist on the wonderful music streaming website www.24classics.com/#indie

There are some other veeeerrry exciting ideas lurking in the depths of my diary (something with a new opera formula and a trip with an old van and classical music)  but that’s for a next edition of Brended News!

With warmest wishes,

Brendan Walsh

mail: interesting@brending

office: +31 20 354 1599


Brendan is regularly invited as a public speaker about cultural entrepreneurship. Something he very much enjoys! Recent talks were for Classical:Next in Vienna, the Day of the Young Artist in Tilburg and a modest role in a TEDx Talk in Amsterdam. The next scheduled talk is in London for the annual conference of the Association of British Orchestras.


Google some interesting artist friends of mine:

  • Gabriel Prokofiev
  • Etienne Abelin
  • David T. Little
They are doing some amazing stuff on the level of indie-classical!


BRENDING is supporting the development of the World War One Project by the Konrad Koselleck Big Band which will take place from 2014-2018. A preview is happening on 9 December in Amsterdam. More info here.


Matching Arts to Business and Consumers, really, it's a bit like dating! 

& Co

There is a work place available in our office in Amsterdam. If interested, please contact me by e-mail.


Loads but the diary needs updating, so patience please ;-)


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