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Although the weather in the Netherlands is simply pitiful, there is enough to smile about. Holidays for most of you and 

There are two things I cannot keep from you before you whizz off to your smashing holiday destination. It's vaguely related to my vanity and competitive attitude, but to you I'll word it more objectively. 

If you can't be bothered to read further, just do the following:

  1. click here to see me talk on TV (in Dutch)
  2. click here to help me become the winner of The Next Entrepreneur in the Netherlands.
It's all about the discussion whether arts should continuously be subsidized. I'm curious to find out what you think to, so don't hesitate to join the discussion on Facebook or LinkedIn where I just fixed up a debate group.

Hope you'll all have a good laugh, a good vote and a good opinion! 

CBO (Chief Brending Officer)


Last night I made my talking debut on Dutch national TV and was interviewed for the Dutch news programme NIEUWSUUR (news hour) as an expert on cultural and creative entrepreneurship for young artists. 

I'll do my best to send you an English transcript of the report as soon as possible. But in short, the reactions range from artists being upset that they no longer receive money from the state whilst other fight and creatively invent ways to sell there work to the director of the Rietveld Academy who is surprised that in the current climate, they have never had so many new students enrolling.

Throughout the report I'm allowed to comment on the importance of artists having an entrepreneurial attitude and understanding of the market. Slightly controversial, I also suggested it may not be such a bad thing that the arts sector is now expected to develop independently from subsidies. I used London, creative capital of the world, as an example.

You can click here to see the reportage.


I'm taking part in I'm taking part in a Dutch competition: THE NEXT ENTREPRENEUR and I would be grateful for your vote. It's only two clicks and there will be a big party when I win!

Help me to the next round and vote for my battle of creative independency on 

The English translation of my entrepreneurial bid is: "Creativity is a need. The capital of the arts is creativity. Defining and marketing the value of creativity is what I do. With BRENDING I build bridges between arts, business and consumers: B2B2C is old-fashioned, A2B2C is next!"

So in a non-political way...    VOTE BRENDING!


In August I shall be leading a workshop for Kunstbedrijf Arnhem (translated: art company), a joint-venture of various arts education organizations. With the managers of we will turn their city into a performing artists dream location.


Check out the site for more information on artists and dates:


Film: Check the first BRENDED film production: Sonic Spaces (3')

Talkshow: The format of the BRENDED Brunch talkshow has been translated for Musica Allegra to debate their transition from music school into cultural company. After Summer we'll be launching the Amsterdam version!


Rabobank: Brendan was asked by Rabobank and the City of The Hague to be the presenting host of the Cultural Business Cases at The Hague's Entrepreneurs platform 2012

& Co

After Summer, BRENDING will look for investors to finance the expansion of the company. If you're interested in helping the company grow, then send me a message on


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