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Do you have to be mad to follow your dreams and start a company in the arts sector, just when the crisis hits?


The arts sector is largely run on government subsidies. Such luxury! However, if an arts organisation has no other major sources of income it is logical that a reduction of government support leads to smaller budgets and job losses.

In consequence, performing arts venues take less risk in their seasonal programming: more mainstream, less productions. Because of the financial insecurity about the forthcoming seasons, the decision process takes longer, which in turn causes artists to start worrying about their future.

So why be so (solely) dependent on the market correction mechanism that subsidy really is? THAT is madness! The performing arts are created for a seemingly long forgotten partner: the audience. What do they think? What do they want?

Artists can move, intrigue and inspire their followers. Yet to do so, they must reach out, show integrity and learn to give to get. It implies taking risk. It means being an entrepreneur.

But that isn't mad, it's necessary.

A year ago, BRENDING was founded with the belief that artistic integrity and business sense are the key ingredients for successful survival in financially challenging times. 365 Days later the European Commission Representation in the Netherlands, Cello8ctet Amsterdam, Fontys Conservatory, Music Centre of Flanders, The Royal Wind Music, Music School Twente and other clients have been BRENDED with a sense for the value of creativity.

I dare say that I am proud to have been mad enough to become a company and wish you all a very happy BRENDED BIRTHDAY.


Founding director of BRENDING


  • The show 'Götterfunken' with the Rosa Ensemble was received warmly at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, UK. Read more...
  • The expat organisation InterNations has Brendan as  Ambassador for it's almost 5000 members in Amsterdam. Read more...
  • The Royal Wind Music and De Muziekschool Twente  (both clients of BRENDING) are co-producing a recorder event on 22 January 2012. Read more...


Every now and then, suddenly, I form an opinion and have the urge to share that by means of a blog:


In each edition of BRENDED, somebody linked to BRENDING will be put in the spotlight. This month we turn our attention to the pianist Mariana Izman.

Mariana Izman is a dream intermediary between the printed music and audience, because of her musical intelligence and empathy. Her subtle shading and phrasing breathe life into the music and her virtuosity never an end in itself, but a tool used to make the music speak. When you hear her play, you want to crawl under the piano and listen as you used to listen to your parents telling you a bedtime story.


BRENDING has been invited to Tallinn by the Estonian Academy for Music and Theatre


Sahand Sahebdivani 09/12/11 Amsterdam (NL) Real life stories

Viviane Spanoghe
11/12/11 Brussels (BE) with Luc Devos

The Royal Wind Music 11/12/11 Amsterdam (NL) Sweete Musicke of Sundrie Kindes

Theatergroep Aluin 15/01/12 Utrecht (NL) Proeverij

Rosa sub Rosa 9 09/02/12 Maastricht (NL) Europe 5.1

Joanna Wronko 24/02/12 Naarden (NL) with Jasper de Waal, Frank van de Laar

Mariana Izman
21/03/12 Heemstede (NL) Chopin


Wake up fashionably late with the BRENDED BRUNCH - a tantalizing talk show in restaurant OPEN, Amsterdam (NL). 

Accompanied by great food you'll be served live music, spicy interviews, a hot topic debate, a fresh creative start-up presentation and a smooth poetic finale.

Every first Sunday of the month at 11 o'clock. First edition: 5 February 2012


BRENDING's client systemsbyweb - a Dutch Start-Up offering online solutions for businesses was selected by VARA's Pauw&Witteman as one of the 25 best innovative ideas in the Netherlands.

& Co

BRENDING exists thanks to many people and organisations. Here are a few tips for interesting websites:


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