Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is with great pride that I may present you the first ever edition of the newsletter ‘BRENDED’: A purely personal, overly opinionated and harshly haphazard monthly update on what seems to be happening in the arts world.

When I went from music college to business school, I made myself the promise that I would return to the arts world and start my own enterprise. On the first of December 2010 it happened: I founded BRENDING - a young company that will do anything to promote the value of creativity and build bridges between the arts, media, politics and business.

Nowadays, as a so-called cultural entrepreneur, I somehow manage to get invited to fancy gala events and funky underground parties where you meet intriguing personalities with an impressive set of brains as well as some rather wonderfully insane members of society. Yes, you encounter amazing artists who really do bizarrely great things with their creative talents.

BRENDING also wants you to get to know these artists, to be surprised or shocked by their exploits so that you feel the urge to share that with those around you. I invite you to be blunt. As long as you talk about the arts, they will be outspoken. So please do gossip about the featured artists, linger at the office coffee machine to boast about that concert experience, and chat endlessly online to show off your growing knowledge of the ins and outs of the arts world. Spout your opinions, communicate, disagree, compliment, chatter, sing or tweet #BRENDED

Because, no matter who you are or what you do, there is so much you can do with the arts. Keep reading BRENDED and it will only be a matter of time before you learn what the value of creativity may be and how you could benefit from it. If you don’t, you risk being a barbarian(*).

I wish you a pleasant little read and look forward to your own personal, opinionated and haphazard comments.

With warmest wishes,

Founding director of BRENDING

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  • The BRENDING website is online!
    Check it out!
  • BRENDING and Bureau Barel have joined forces to promote music, theatre and opera and dance in theatres throughout the Netherlands and internationally.
  • The humanitarian organisation HIVOS awarded BRENDING & CO the first prize of the jury for the satirical subtitle competition.


Every now and then, suddenly, I form an opinion and have the urge to share that by means of a blog:


In each edition of BRENDED, somebody linked to BRENDING will be put in the spotlight. We start off with the one and only Nikki Mulder who made the brochure of BRENDING ARTISTS with an overview of all artists that we represent.

Nikki Mulder is an architect engineer at ONE ARCHITECTURE in Amsterdam. She's a logistical mastermind with a passion for design and music.  She voluntarily supports BRENDING with advice, knowledge about architecture, production and pretty things she makes herself, such as bags, cupboards, books and dinner... and then you haven't seen her architectural designs yet!


BRENDING was asked by The Music School of Twente (NL)  to work out a business development strategy. Read more...


Performing soon:

The Royal Wind Music
23/10/11 Alkmaar (NL) Sweete Musicke of Sundrie Kindes

Mariana Izman 23/10/11 Bloemendaal (NL) with Lendvai Trio

01/11/11 Hilversum (NL) Ken je Klassiekers!

Rosa Ensemble 27/11/11 Huddersfield (UK) Götterfunken

Joanna Wronko 03/12/11 Amsterdam (NL) with Jasper de Waal and Frank van de Laar

Viviane Spanoghe 11/12/11 Brussel (BE) with Luc Devos


BRENDING will produce a Summer Arts Festival, a concert series and a number of films.

More information will be available soon!


BRENDING quantifies and qualifies the value of arts and creativity for companies.


& Co

BRENDING exists thanks to many people and organisations. Here are a few tips for interesting websites:


You should have been there too!

Dutch Composers’ GALA with reincarnation of Jesus: Concertgebouw in Amsterdam (NL)

Sacred Places: Palace of Justice in Leuven (B)

The Dutch Classical Music Meeting in Amsterdam with top class arts managers, artists and a selection of relatively old musical programmers.


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