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Through consulting, representation, management and production, BRENDING supports artists and cultural organisations in projects that are artisticly correct and financially viable.

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The first BRENDED FILM PRODUCTION is a fact!

09 July 2012

The first BRENDED film production Sonic Spaces has been wrapped and is available for you to watch (and listen!)

The film is an artistic visual portrait of MVG on bass clarinet and electronics and has indirectly already won a prize, as a fragment of the music is by composer John Croft who won the Prix Ton Bruynèl 2012 with his piece Intermedio III for bass clarinet and live electronics. 

Intermedio III was written for MVG (Marij van Gorkom) and is part of her program SS:NNd (Sonic Spaces: New Netherlands). MVG has just been on tour in New Zealand with SS:NNd and is back in Europe now. The press release is available here.

I seriously hope you enjoy watching as much as we did making it and please don't hesitate to send your comments! 

Film credits

Director and editor: Rosa Boesten
Cinematography: Stephan Polman, Joris Bulsta
typographic design: Jeroen Schoonderbeek 
Producer: Brendan Walsh

Music credits

John Croft: Intermedio III for bass clarinet and live electronics (excerpt)
Roderik de Man: Yuxtaposiciones (excerpt)
Marij van Gorkom: bass clarinet
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