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Freude schöner Götterfunken BY BIKE

28 November 2011

Rosa Ensemble performed their show Götterfunken at the final day of the world renowned Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival 2011.

The performance is popular amongst young culture munchers. The festival however usually attracts very purist and highly intellectual audience with an average age that lies beyond my own life expectancy. It was a great pleasure to see that they too to left the venue with a big smile on their faces, saying that they found it very refreshing. The comment most heard was: "That reminds me of my own travel experiences. This performance makes you feel good. Thank you so much."

Götterfunken is about two Dutch guys on a 9000 kilometre bicycle trip through Europe, one cigarette a day, many improvised meals and thousands of stories and encounters that are musically and theatrically brought together in Götterfunken. It is a performance about the European spirit; about national identity, xenophobia and international unity. It is a mix of music, field recordings, songs, stories, images and live-animation. The Rosa Ensemble crosses Europe, along the borders of sound, music and storytelling, to places where the uninteresting becomes interesting.

Rosa Ensemble is planning an international tour with Götterfunken. Probably not by bike though.

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