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REVIEW - Opening concert of third TRACKS series

29 October 2011

Baritone Martijn Cornet hosts a witty blind date at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam involving soprano Renate Arends, pianist Abigail Richards AND the audience.

Tracks opened its new season with a memorable edition in which baritone Martijn Cornet charms the pants off the audience singing about love and desire. The programme consisted of show-off arias, dreamy songs and a hint of musical repertoire.

The concert, with an audience of mainly young urban professionals (an important target group for the classical music scene) were entertained with an interactive display of musical dating in the form of a (very) historic love songs top 10 chart – from Mozart to Musical.

Cornet’s voice sounded impressively colorful, though not quite mature yet. You could compare him to a young version of Dietrich Henschel. His young voice sometimes was flooded by the impressively virtuoso soprano Renate Arends. The theatrical dialogue between those two main characters, clearly identifies that the complications of love between a man and a woman have not really changed over the past centuries.

Martijn Cornet is an entertainer as you rarely encounter in the classical music scene. When more musicians would display a similar understanding of communication with the audience, without losing artistic integrity as Cornet and Co. managed, the appeal of classical music would grow tremendously.

Keep an eye on this one!

Tracks is a concert series in the Concertgebouw of Amsterdam that stands for beautifully live performed classical music. The musicians explain what drives them, verbally, through music of by the use of visuals. The concerts lasting one hour are short and powerful. After the concert there is a cocktail bar and DJ that invite the audience to stick around for a while.
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