BRENDING conducts artists towards the market and shows the market what it can do with arts.

Through consulting, representation, management and production, BRENDING supports artists and cultural organisations in projects that are artisticly correct and financially viable.

BRENDING quantifies and qualifies the value of creativity, building bridges between the arts, media, politics and business - with an emphasis on a marketing model which we call A2B2C (Arts to Business to Consumer)



Ambassador for Internations

28 October 2011

Brendan has been appointed Ambassador for the Internations expat community in Amsterdam

InterNations is the first international online and offline community for people who live and work abroad. As a network based on trust, they enable their members to interact with other global minds in a similar situation, with comparable interests and needs. InterNations users can keep in touch with friends and business contacts; they can exchange reliable information on expat-specific topics, both on a global and a local level.

InterNations reaches out to the international community: diplomats, members of IGOs and NGOs, foreign correspondents, expatriates employed by multinational companies and their family members. They also cater to the interests of local residents with strong ties to this community (e.g. journalists).

The network is represented by more than 250 local communities all over the world - the perfect platform to exchange opinions and information on local particularities.

Membership is strictly invitation-based: You may join the community only after receiving an invitation from a current member. In this way, InterNations will remain a network of personal trust, where data security and privacy protection are top priorities.

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