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Cultural potatoes at the Dutch Classical Music Meeting 2011

21 October 2011
BRENDING compares arts to potatoes

The 4th edition of the biennial Dutch Classical Music Meeting 2011 organised by MCN (Music Center of the Netherlands) was attended by more than 200 professional delegates from all over the world, bringing together curators, artistic directors, presenters, managers and government representatives. It is the largest b2b showcase and networking event in the Netherlands for professionals spanning early, classical and contemporary music.

BRENDING drew the attention of the delegates and visitors by organising the BREND YOUR POTATO competition. The idea behind the competition was a comparison of the cultural sector with the agricultural sector by means of potatoes.

As with the arts, the agricultural sector is heavily supported by the government when it comes to cultivation of fruit and vegetables. However, once the vegetable – a potato for example – has been harvested, the market takes over. So the potato is developed into products that are of interest to a wide variety of people. Think of crisps, chips, jacket, boiled, fried, baked, … but they’re also used in drinks, as beauty products, as home and garden appliance, in chemistry, in the arts, in games and so on. The cultural sector should look at the potato as a prime example of creative business development.

So BRENDING invited the artists and international delegates present at DCMM11 to cut and carve their own potato stamp. The winner will receive a guided chip shop hop through Antwerp, learning about the ins and outs of making Belgian fries and mayonnaise.

We're pleased to announce that the winner of the Chip Shop Hop Tour in Antwerp is: 

for her
interpretation of kissable potato lips

Memorable mentions go to Harm Witteveen, Monique van der Woude and the girls of DBS. Many thanks go to Lenneke Beunk of Bureau Barel and Sahand Sahebdavani for their support that day!

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