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And the winner is...

15 September 2011

On Wednesday 14/9/11 during 'The Night of Dictatorship' the Human Rights organisation HIVOS held an awards ceremony for the winners of their on-line competition: Subtitle the Tyrant. The first prize of the jury went to Brendan Walsh and Michiel Kruijff for their satirical interpretation of a speech by Gadhafi.

The idea behind the on-line competition was to create a greater awareness for activists, artists, bloggers and citizens who - not without risk - speak up for freedom and justice in their countries. The online stunt was a success: Over 5000 participants expressed themselves against censorship of suppressors by parodying - and therefore censoring these suppressors.

The jury awarded the first prize to Brendan Walsh and Michiel Kruijff for their subtitles of Gadhafi. In their interpretation, they insinuated that Gadhafi supports the government cuts in cultural subsidies. The makers were very pleased that the jury acknowlegded the multiple layers that were hidden in the few lines of text.

A translation of the subtitles (which were written in Dutch):
I hate artists. People like Beethoven and such. That is why I support the cuts.
These scroungers don't produce anything, they suck us dry and then also expect applause.
Fists up for Zijlstra (State Secretary for Culture in NL)! Support the man. Strengthen the man. Vote for the man! Spread the word.

The prize was a package of films and documentaries, compiled by the Dutch broadcasters VPRO.

Click here to see the winning video clip: Shout for culture

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