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Sacred Places

12 September 2011

The cultural organisation Sacred Places turned a visit to the Court of Justice in Leuven, Belgium into a surprisingly positive experience by implementing theatre performances, soundscapes and live music.

The 'Palace of Justice' in Leuven exceptionally opened some of its usually locked doors to the public as part of the Belgian Open Monuments Day on Sunday 10 September 2011.

When walking through the revolving doors you found yourself in a huge hall. Marble pilars, iron forgings, tall wooden doors to the courts and a gigantic staircase. This hall alone is worth a visit, but the organisation Sacred Places turned the location into a 'monumentous' experience with the aid of special lighting, and especially adapted music.

The public was able to visit the courts of law, the council rooms, the witness rooms and even the complex of prison cells. During the visit they encountered re-enacted important historic law cases of Jeanne d'Arc, Gilles de Rais, Xhenceval, Tell Tale Heart (E.A. Poe), Schizonoia and an imaginary dialogue by Theo van Gogh between Jeanne d' Arc and Gilles de Rais.

Three musicians, three soloists, three characters. The artists Andries Baele (violin), Jowan Merck (recorders) and Brendan Walsh (cello) sounded their instruments through the large entrance hall - seeking and supporting the atmosphere of the building.

The pictures were made by Tosca Penninckx of Lemmert Photography.

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